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Endless list of EXO GIFs

EXO in Dubstep - Intro Dance Practice
trust in yourself like tao trusts in himself

because all of me loves all of you

because all of me loves all of you


literally only luhan would apologise for being sick 


are you even same person


are you even same person

140911 Luhan Weibo Update

"I have to apologize to Thailand fans and everyone else. Due to excessive exhaustion over a long period of time, I’ve been having persistent headaches, sleeping problems, and I feel dizzy often. The doctor insisted that I rest for a while. I cannot attend the Thailand concert. I’m really really…


Chanyeol - 140910 Instagram account update: “연휴가 끝나고 다시일상으로 돌아가실 준비 되셨나요~?🎵 #포토원더가아니고 #셀카의여신이랍니다 #이렇게쉽게 #탄로날줄이야 #대단하다 #굿 #리스팩”

Translation: “Are you ready to go back to the nornal daily life after the holiday~?? #It’s not Photowonder #It’s called Goddess of Selca1 #I didn’t know #that I would have gotten caught #So easily #So amazing #Good #Respect”

Credit: real__pcy. (1Note: ‘Photowonder’ and ‘Goddess of Selca’ are the names of photo editing apps)

tao is too cool for any chicks


*interacts with people*

*has to take a four hour nap*